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Saving Energy One Kilowatt At A Time

Going Green To Save Our Planet

There is just so much pollution caused from the industrial age that we simply cannot afford to go on using fossil fuels anymore. The only answer is renewable energy fro the sun.

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Welcome to the World of Solar Geysers

Going solar means making huge life changes in your life as well as sacrifices. In the long run it's worth every penny.


Solar geysers, manufactured, delivered, installed and serviced by South Africa’s leading solar company at prices anyone can afford. Welcome to the home of South Africa’s leading solar heating and solar geysers manufacturing and installation company.

Visit our solar geysers factory to obtain a firsthand impression of South Africa’s most advanced solar geysers manufacturing facility, where new , world-first solar technologies are evolving.YIS Solar solar panel models evolved over the years using in-house technology developments. Today, our solar panels, using the proprietry Blackfusion TM technology offer the most effective solar solution available in South Africa for our extreme operating conditions and can be use with ready made kitchen cupboards Cape Town. YIS Solar solar geysers are fabricated using the world first Double-Weld system, a ground breaking manufacturing technique, using state of the art welding systems enabling external as well as internal welds providing unmached weld strength and quality. This unique and exclusive welding technique in combination with top grade Stainless Steel, produces solar storage tanks guaranteed to provide long service under the most strenous working conditions. Our solar geysers installations department is managed using a unique quality management system designed to consistently deliver quality installations.

After-sales service is one of the most important aspects when deciding which is the best Durban based Solar plumbing company to choose. Our service department is quality controlled, making sure you are not left in the cold. With a long track record, our Industrial Solar Geysers division is the most experienced in South Africa. Our protfolio of commercial and industrial solar geyser installations includes hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, factories, apartment blocks and the likes. Visit our Commercial and Industrial Solar Geysers gallery to learn more about the technology and energy efficiency opportunities associated with it. Solar geysers installed at in-land locations in South Africa are exposed to winter freezing conditions.

Solar geyser installations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Free state and similar areas must be of the INDIRECT type. Only Indirect solar geysers guarantee 100% freezing resistance. YIS Solar also works directly with kitchen companies to ensure customers who need new kitchen cupboards in Cape Town will have a geyser as well. The best way to build a kitchen cabinet is to use a cordless drill and staple gun. Allot of kitchen fitters don’t know this so they use clout nails to fit the back board and a screw driver to assemble the kitchen unit. This also becomes very time consuming when it comes to actually installing the kitchen as you will need to fix the adjustable PVC legs to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. Same goes for bathroom vanities. If you want to speed up the process of Cape Town bathroom renovations you need to use the right tools. Also remember that a bathroom remodel needs wall units and a mirror which needs to be fixed to the wall so you will need a rotary hammer drill to fit those items again the wall itself and tile around it.

YIS Solar Indirect, Stainless Steel, double jacket, solar geysers are the most technologically advanced in South Africa, offering a crafted combination of CORROSION RESISTANCE, frost resistance and the best performing heat transfer properties. Coastal regions in South Africa do not experience freezing conditions. Solar geysers in Cape Town need not necessarily be of the indirect type. YIS Solar’s Cape Town staff will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of different type solar geysers for a variety of applications. Fitting Venetian blinds in your kitchen looks absolutely stunning. Just make sure your solar geyser doesn’t burst and leak through the kitchen ceiling and onto the windowsill. Solar geysers are more cost effective than garage door repairs in Randburg.

Venetian Blinds


YIS Solar’s Cape Town branch also offers solar conversions in Cape Town and other towns in the Cape Province. There is a company based in KZN that supplies solar geysers Durban which has all of great client reviews and come highly recommended by the Green Energy Foundation of South Africa. Solar geyser conversion is an affordable alternative for those who wish to postpone their investment in a complete YIS Solar solar geyser to a later stage.

Waterproofing Services Cape Town

With the current water crises in Cape Town it’s important to waterproof your roof while there is a drought. Make sure you use a good waterproofing company based in Cape Town to work on your roof so that it lasts: > Wwww.CapeWaterproofing.com Web Page – Waterproofing Company In Cape Town

If you have any roof tiles that are loose make sure you fix it as that’s the first place water leaks in. A roofing contractor should also use torch-on membrane to waterproof your roof, balcony, chimney etc as it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

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