Solar Water Heaters

A Solar Water Home heating System or, as some might call it, a Solar Thermal furnace implies that usage is constructed from the sunlight’s energy, via a Solar battery that where UV rays are recorded through heat up sunlight and is transferred to water that flows through it. Often the enthusiast is mounted outside your home/ building (on a north encountering roofing system at an angle), to help in warming the water in the storage space tank for Thermal use instead of using power at all times to warm your water, as well as therefore saving the proprietor cash on his hot water electricity expense.

The sunlight roughly irradiates 2000 Watt each square meter of power right here in South Africa as well as if the set up debt collector has a taking in area of 1.44 square meters the power of the collection agency would certainly be 2 kW (or 2000 Watt). Relying on the installation techniques a lot of the energy would be delivered to the tank, although some losses would certainly take place due to heat losses in the pipes as well as container. If this system were to operate for 6 hours the power conserved would certainly be 2 x 5=10 kWh that would be conserved in ideal conditions, minus losses obviously.

Benefits of installing a YIS Solar system:

Begin seeing immediate power cost savings.
High performance vacuum tube technology (encounters the sunlight the majority of the day time).
Freeze resistant debt collectors with reduced upkeep (no glycol installation).
No water introduced in the tubes.
Tubes can be replaced individually without jeopardizing the whole collection agency.
SABS authorized systems. Visual worth of the installment.
Approved vendor on the Eskom DSM Solar Water Heating Rebate system.
YIS Solar will claim your Eskom Rebate on your behalf, no more waiting periods.
Solar Academy of Sub-Saharan Africa is a registered member of SESSA (industry body).
YIS Solar has a national franchised network with over 20 franchises across South Africa.

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